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The School Day

Academy School Day

Timetables vary for Middle and High Academy. However, start and finish times remain the same.

8:30 – 8:44 Breakfast Club & Activities

8:45 – 8:54 – Tutor

8:55 – 9:44 – Lesson One

9:45 – 10:34 – Lesson Two

10:35 – 10:49 – Break

10:50 – 11:39 – Lesson Three

11:40 – 12:09 – Learning Consolidation

12:10 – 12:39 – Lunch

12:40 – 1:09 – Personal & Social Development

1:10 – 1:14 – Tutor

1:15 – 1:59 – Lesson Five

2:00 – 2:14 – Break

2:15 – 3:00 – Lesson Six


School Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is crucial to each child’s educational development, and at River Tees Multi-Academy we recognise our part in helping parents to meet their legal obligations in this respect. We operate a ‘first day Call’ system, if your child can not attend because of ill-health, or for another reason parents are asked to ring the school on the first day of your child’s absence and send a note to the class teacher on their return giving an explanation of the absence. We must report individual instances of unexplained pupil absence to the local Authority, this is then classed as ‘unauthorised absence’.  We are also obliged by law to monitor and report late attendance at school.

If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, contact our main Reception on 01642 213799.

Contact with Parents

We keep in regular contact with parents through weekly phone calls. Parents are also welcome to contact the school if they want to discuss their child’s learning.

We also hold regular parent consultations to discuss progress.

Adverse Weather Conditions

During the winter months when the weather is severe if you are unsure about the school being open, we recommend the following:

Check the school website.
Check local radio stations, TFM and Radio Tees.
The school also operates a parent text service in which we send any information via text message. Please make sure the school has your mobile telephone number.

School Dinners

Our school dinner menus are run on a 4 week rolling programme, please select below to view the menu.

Dinner Menu May 2016