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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a payment to schools to help them support learners who have been eligible for free school meals in the previous 6 years, whose parents have been in the Armed Forces or who are in or leaving care.

Payments are between £300 to £1,900 per learner and the amount received by schools varies depending on the students who are eligible. The use of Pupil Premium funding is personalised to the needs of individual learners and is highlighted in their Support Plans.


The Pupil Premium received from April to August 2016 amounted to something in excess of £16,000. This was spent on providing additional staff to allow interventions for individual students in accordance with individual need:

  • 1 student who wished to study GCSE Media was given 1:1 tuition to allow him to attain a grade C and boost literacy to improve grades.
  • A qualified English teacher had a half time timetable to allow her to focus on additional literacy support for various groups of students – 17 students eligible for Pupil Premium benefitted from part of her time with support in a variety of personalised programs mainly centred around reading and writing for a target audience.
  • Three students each spent a term in a special small group setting with a focus on developing personal literacy skills.
  • A total of 14 students were provided with individual support to enable them to make a successful transition to a vocational provider who was able to offer a course better suited to their long term needs.
  • 9 students had a range of 1:1 tuition sessions either to support literacy or with specific issues in English, maths or both.
  • 8 students benefitted from a combination of 1:1 tuition and additional intervention teaching.
  • 4 students received individual mentoring to support their attendance at school which was impacting upon their progress.
  • 3 students received additional support and mentoring to enable them to catch up and return to mainstream schools.