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Curriculum Map

Every student in our schools study a wide range of subjects designed to ensure any gaps in primary or secondary education are covered to enable all students to have a broad and balanced curriculum offer. Underpinning the design of the curriculum is our belief that every student should have the opportunity to study a normal academic curriculum, preferably before they make and decisions about vocational and other choices at KS4 and beyond.

  • KS1/2 follow the Primary curriculum.
  • KS3 follow the KS3 secondary curriculum
  • KS4 students have the opportunity to study the following subjects to examination level, depending upon their learning pathway:


Exam subject Core (all) Pathway 8 Pathway 1/2 Pathway 1/voc
Science x1
Science x2
English x1
English x2
Maths x2
Ancient Civ/Latin
Vcert sport/fitness
Vcert media
Media GCSE
Functional skills


✔ = compulsory as part of the learning pathway

✚ = can be chosen as part of the 8 GCSE level 2 subjects

★ = can be studied if appropriate for the individual learner on this pathway

In addition, all students follow a program in PE, RE, Sports, Art, phsee, music, ancient civilisation/latin, citizenship, careers education and lifestyle skills including food technology.