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The River Tees Multi-Academy Trust (RTMAT) Members are Peter Coady, Leanne Chilton and David Jones.  The Local Governing Body Board is chaired by Councillor Jan Brunton. Membership includes representatives from local schools, the Local Authority, partner organisations and the community.

The Board of River Tees Multi-Academy Trust consists of the following members and trustees:

Name – Status – Date of Appointment

Peter Coady, Chairman RTMAT, 17.03.16
Janice Brunton, Chair Local Governing Body, 17.03.16
Beverley Andrews, Parent Governor, 17.03.16
Leanne Chilton, Member RTMAT & Governor, 17.03.16
Suzanne Hamilton, Governor, 17.03.16
David Jones, Member RTMAT & Governor, 17.03.16
Chris Martin, Governor, 17.03.16

The term of office for any governor is four years.  At the end of that period governors can be re-elected.

Accounts Returns

River Tees MAT accounts & Trustees Report 31 August 2016


River Tees Multi-Academy Trust – Declaration of Interest Register

Name of Governor Office Held at RTMAT Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition End of office date Date of Entry
Peter Coady Chair MAT RTMAT Education Chair 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Trinity Catholic College Education Governor/Director     Apr-16
    St Hilda’s MAT Education Governor/Director     Apr-16
Jan Brunton Vice Chair RTMAT Trustee Board Education Vice Chair 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Middlesbrough Council Councellor Executive Member     Apr-16
    Learning & Skills Council Government Agency Executive Member May-15   Apr-16
    Acklam Whin Education Governor/Chair     Apr-16
    Acklam Grange Education Governor May-15   Apr-16
    The King’s Academy Education Council Governor May-15   Apr-16
    Langdon Square Charity Charity Trustee     Apr-16
    Brian Clough Memorial Fund Charity Charity Trustee     Apr-16
Bev Andrews Parent Governor RTMAT Education Governor 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
David Jones Member/Governor RTMAT Education Governor 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Protocol Education Supply Agency Manager     Apr-16
Chris Martin Governor RTMAT Education Governor 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Vision for Education Supply Agency Manager     Apr-16
Suzanne Hamilton Governor RTMAT Education Governor 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Outwood Academy Acklam Education Finance Manager Sept 13 n/a Apr-16
    Outwood Academy Bydales Education Finance Manager Feb 15 n/a Apr-16
    Outwood Academy Ormesby Education Finance Manager Sept 15 n/a Apr-16
Leanne Chilton Member/Governor RTMAT Education Governor 17-Mar-16 Mar-20 Apr-16
    Bishopton PRU Education Headteacher Jun-14 n/a Apr-16
Linda Harries Interim CEO RTMAT Education Interim CEO 14-Apr-16   Apr-16


Governance attendance at Local Governor Board meetings – coming shortly.

Linda Harries Interim CEO
Patricia Miller Interim Associate Headteacher