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Hospital Teaching

What is the home and hospital teaching service?

River Tees Multi-Academy Trust provide education for children and young people who are unable to attend their usual school because they are in hospital, recovering from illness, have long term medical problems or have mental health issues. Education staff work with schools, parents/carers and young people to identify their learning needs and enable them to continue with their education. Referrals to the service are made by schools or through partner organisations including hospitals, GPs and CAMHS.

Remit for Education

On behalf of all learners who require education support from the home and hospital teaching service for medical reasons or medically related include:

  • students in hospital
  • students with medical problems (short/long term) that can be supported by medical evidence
  • students that are absent for longer than fifteen days due to a medical problem
  • school age pregnancies and young mothers
  • students suffering from mental health related issues that prevent them from accessing their registered school.

There are occasions where a student may not fit the selected criteria and therefore the hospital teaching service may be considered to support the young person. A discussion will take place around the nature of the referral and a decision will be made in consultation with RTMAT and relevant parties to decide on a provision that will be time limited.


Referrals to the service can be made by schools or through partnership organisations including:

  • Hospitals
  • GP’s

Whereby medical evidence can be provided of the young persons health needs and their reasons for suggesting why home and hospital teaching is the most suitable provision for the learner.

Following the Referral

All referrals must be complete electronically and can be found on the RTMAT website. All referrals must be signed off by the school’s headteacher that is in agreement with the referral. Once completed the referral is to be sent to helen.stokes@rtmat.org.uk along with any details of medical evidence e.g. Letters signed by consultant or GP. When all evidence has been collated it is then assessed by the headteacher who will decide if the referral is appropriate for a placement within the provision. If there is insufficient evidence or concerns around the referral, senior leaders will meet and consider further action.

Referral Policy and Procedures

The policy applies to all children who are of statutory school age. It is the coordinators role to liaise with parents/carers from the initial meet that their child remains on the role of their mainstream provision but will be dual registered with hospital teaching and a weekly attendance review will take place. It remains the schools responsibility to liaise with RTMAT and attend regular arranged review meetings.