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In Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, learners access a broad and balanced curriculum offer that is in line with national requirements.

In Key Stage 4, the academy offers a range of courses that lead to GCSE and other styles of qualification. Learners receive additional support within literacy and numeracy to adhere to their additional learning needs.

Learners are each set both challenging and aspirational targets which are regularly reviewed. Suitable interventions can be put into place to support individual progress. Targets are based on literacy, numeracy and behaviour that are closely monitored within lessons, assessment and mentoring sessions.

Learners with specifically identified┬álearning needs may often require support from other specialists or for further assessment for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). When this process occurs, there will be a prior consultation with parents/carers to have an informative discussion about their child’s education including:

  • barriers
  • progress
  • suitable interventions
  • pathways