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River Tees High

Welcome to River Tees High

We aim to make every student’s time in River Tees High successful and happy. The academy works in partnership with parents/carers and values the great contribution they can make to their child’s education. River Tees High is a place where all young people in Key Stage 4 can achieve their full potential. Our core values are honesty, tolerance and respect leading to self-discipline and increased self-esteem. Every learner is encouraged to raise their attainment and gain recognised qualifications.

Future citizens are prepared for making positive choices in the future in both the world of work and society.

Our learners can become:

  • Successful learners.
  • Confident individuals.
  • Responsible citizens.

School Aims

We aim to provide a safe, stable, stimulating and caring environment where everyone has the maximum opportunity to achieve his or her potential. Specifically, the Centre aims to:

  • provide a complementary education through a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant to individual needs
  • foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and responsibility throughout our community
  • encourage a high standard of work and behaviour
  • set targets appropriate for individual needs and continuous improvement
  • encourage students to develop social, emotional, spiritual, moral, cultural and physical skills through a positive learning environment
  • encourage good communication and develop strong links between home, school and River Tees High
  • provide an environment where everyone is supported and cared for.


We believe that every student has a right to feel safe, secure, happy and able to focus on their work whilst at River Tees High. This means that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not infringe on the rights of the other learners in River Tees High. We ask all parents/carers to support River Tees High in expecting a high standard of behaviour at all times. Learners are rewarded for excellent behaviour with certificates, points and special rewards.

In order to ensure that all learners are safe and able to learn in a caring environment. It is therefore  important that we all work together to ensure that there is no fighting, name calling, foul language, racism or bullying. Within River Tees High we have firm policies to support this, and we always involve parents/carers when these rules are broken. The academy’s behaviour policy is available for every learner and parent/carer.

Rewards & Sanctions

Earn Points for:

  • following River Tees High rules
  • being polite
  • meeting your targets
  • completing your work

River Tees High Rules:

  • use appropriate language
  • keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • listen carefully to others
  • respect staff and leaners
  • respect other people’s property

River Tees High Sanctions:

  • 1st warning – second reminder
  • 2nd warning – time out offered
  • 3rd warning – telephone call home
  • 4th warning – exclusion. (internal/external)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Leaners with specifically identified learning difficulties or other special needs can benefit from specialist support. Any specialist support may be given in the classroom although there can be occasions when individual or small group work is appropriate.

For some leaners the academy may need to involve additional specialists in a formal assessment of special educational needs and disabilities. When this happens, there is always prior consultation with parents, who are involved in all assessment procedures. Parents/carers are always regularly consulted and kept informed of their child’s progress.

Academy Policy

Academy Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is crucial to each leaner’s educational development, and at River Tees High we recognise our part in supporting parents/carers to meet their legal obligations in this respect. We operate a ‘First day Call’ system at River Tees High. If your child can not attend because of ill-health, or for another reason parents/carers are asked to ring the academy on the first day of your child’s absence and send a note to the class teacher on their return giving an explanation of the absence. We must report individual instances of unexplained student absence to the Local Authority. This is then classed as ‘unauthorised absence’. We are also obliged by law to monitor and report late attendance at school. During 2011/2012 average attendance was 85%. If your child’s falls below 90% the academy will submit an attendance referral to Education Welfare Officer, similarly if your child is persistently late a referral will also to submitted.



If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s schooling, the first step is to speak to the staff. Naturally, it is not always possible for the teacher to see a parent/carer immediately, but an early appointment will always be offered.

We hope to be able to resolve any complaints that parents/carers may have. In the first instance complaints should normally be made to the headteacher, and in most cases we find that complaints can be dealt with successfully at this informal level.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within the academy it may be necessary for it to be considered by the board of trustees.

We do, of course, hope that any complaints can be resolved by the parent/carer discussing the matter with an appropriate member of staff. However, if you do require any detailed information on  complaints procedure, full details are available on request from the office.

Equal Opportunities

We firmly believe in equal opportunity for all. We try to provide a curriculum and policies to ensure this happens. We believe that positive steps must be taken to remedy the unequal situation that many of our students may find themselves in because of gender, race, disability or social disadvantage.

The academy will challenge any form of behaviour or comment from students or adults which clashes with our equal opportunities policy.

Student Protection

Parents/carers should be aware that we will take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of our students. In cases where the academy  has reason to be concerned that a student may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff have no alternative but to follow Child Protection Procedures and inform Social Services of their concern.

Data Protection Act

The academy holds information on our students in order to support their teaching and learning, to monitor and report on their progress and to assess how well the academy as a whole is doing. This information includes contact details, National Curriculum assessment results, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any relevant medical information. If you wish to have access to the personal data held about your child, please speak to the head teacher.